M Prasanna Kumar
Portrait Artist


  "A  real work of art should appeal to all. To me art, in order to be truly great, must, like the beauty of nature, be universal in its appeal." - Gandhi




Welcome to my main site. I hope you  will be inspired to have some of your favorite photos turned into oil painting, a work of art after viewing
some selected examples of my work in my Gallery.  There is no substitute to a gift of a painted portrait for occasions like Birth day, Marriage

To some, the idea of commissioning a portrait may at first seem a rather daunting undertaking. People often think of portraits as stiff, formal

affairs for boardrooms or museums, or only for the ‘rich and famous’.

However, there are all kinds of portraits, and I feel the most important aspect of a portrait is producing something (be it the grandest full-size oil

or a more intimate head-and-shoulders) that represents the sitter in a fitting manner. The main purpose of a portrait is to bring pleasure to those

who commissioned it.

Feel free to see how you can arrange to paint a portrait of yourself, a loved one or another significant figure.

Why an oil painting? Reason is simple.
A photograph cannot replace the grandeur of an oil painting. Because, the colour and clarity in oil painting is amazingly true to life and it lasts for
centuries. What more you want?
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IMPORTANT: Please maintain the brightness at the right level in your window to view my works in original quality in true color and clarity.
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          Governor's favorite Artist



How it all began! I attended an exhibition of paintings by the Governor in 2005. Yes, H.E himself is an excellent landscape painter. I was impressed by his work and immediately I sent a letter expressing my appreciation for his work and seeking appointment to meet him at Raj Bhavan to introduce myself personally as a portrait artist. In the next 3 days I received a call from Raj Bhavan asking me to meet the Governor on the next day. I impressed the Governor with my portfolio. He took me around to show some of his paintings adorning the walls of Raj Bhavan.When I expressed my willingness to paint his  portrait he responded so kindly.

When the portrait was ready (seen below),  I invited H.E.with much hesitation to my studio  to view the portrait and the other paintings. Usually clients are invited to my studio for approval. But, in this case the client being the Governor I had to hesitate to invite him to studio for approval.. But, the Governor so graciously accepted  my invitation and I was elated.

H.E visited my studio  on 31st March, 2006, a day I will remember all my life. Next year,

I received a personal letter from  the Governor asking me to do a portrait of the President of India Dr. ABJ.Abdul Kalam to be   installed at Raj Bhavan. This is the most prestigious portrait commission I have secured so far, and yet another honor for me.

Because, the portrait was personally commissioned by a personage like the Governor. I had the privilege of being invited to 'At Home' parties for Republic Days and Independence Days along with my wife. It was an opportunity to meet some V.V.I.P s and shake hands with them.

I used to call on H.E on all his birth days (21st October) with my family to greet him. Moreover, we exchanged Greeting Cards on all New Year Days, Republic Days and Independence Days. Meanwhile, when he was not well I sent Get-Well message and he would acknowledge promptly . Our relationship was so friendly and cordial. The  honor and recognition I enjoyed was so matchless that perhaps no other artist in Tamil Nadu should have experienced. When I think about it I feel humbled and honored.

So many  people talking so much about art and artists, but rarely a few come forward to do some thing substantially to popularise art and promote artists in all seriousness.

I found in this great man that rare quality. I will remember all that he had done for me, through out my life. This period (2005-2011) has a significant impact in my career and in my life as well.  I would  cherish the moment with pride in the years to come. And, I believe this experience would inspire me  to paint many more outstanding portraits in future!





                                               A    Proud  Moment  - Governor visits my Studio cum Residence



                                              These are some of the photos taken when The Governor visited my Studio on 31.03. 2006

                                                                 A rare honor and recognition for a portrait artist in Tamil Nadu.

                                                                     I dedicate this honor to the whole artist community of Tamil Nadu.






























 'There is no greater work of art than a great portrait'