Gallery Gallery Sri Gnananda Giri Swamigal (1986) Size: 60 X 34 inch A comment I value much, by Mrs Revathy Meenakshi Sundaram: I'm grateful for the hands with which this portrait was painted so beautifully ! 187330482 Shirdi Sai Baba (1994) 60 X 35 inch 197146582 Sri Ramana Mahirishi Size: 24 X 20 inch. This portrait was commissioned by 'Maestro' Ilaya Raja in 1989. 197633181 'His Holiness' Pope John Paul II (1986) I painted this portrait in 1986, when the Pope visited Madras (Chennai) with the view of presenting as my gift to the Pope. But, I couldn't ready the portrait in time. Comments:Outstanding and powerful- Brent Fennell; Very good and bold!-Sara Bennett 180632999 'His Holimess' Pope Paul VI - 1974 Size:30 X 24 inch Source: TIME cover This portrait impressed so much that a staff from 20th Century Box, Hollywood asked about this portrait for buying to use for their production. 198652649 Sri.Surjit Singh Barnala (1925 - 2017) I met Governor in 2005 at Raj Bhavan and expressed my willingness to do his portrait and he responded gracefully. I felt honored when he visited my studio to see my work responding to my invitation in 2006. Moreover, he invited me to do a portrait of Sri. APJ Abdul Kalam which you see next. I'm deeply grateful for the interest he showed in my work as a portrait artist. In his death (14/01/2017) I felt a personal loss. You can read more about him by going to the following link: 198652282 Sri. APJ Abdul Kalam, former president of India (1931 - 2015) - 2007 Size: 30X 24 inch I have been privileged to get this portrait commission personally from Sri. Surjit Singh Barnala, former Governor of Tamil Nadu, for Raj Bhavan in 2007. The most prestigious assignment in my career. He died on 27.07.2015 due to heart attack. He is one of the great presidents of India. People's President. 187544787 Sri. R. Venkataraman (1987) This portrait was commissioned by Sri. M. Gopalakrishnan, Ex Chairman, Indian Bank soon after he was elected as the President of India, for Indian Bank Head Office. 197939970 The Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram) - 2000 Oil painting (24 X 20) 169814276 'Bharat Ratna' M.S. Subbulakshmi (1974) When my friend Well-Bred Kannan, a phtographer visited my studio took this photo and posted in his Facebook page. As I liked the better quality of this image I preferred this to display here including some selected comments which you can read in the page 'Comments'. 187358666 T K Shanmugam, Dramatist (1986) What you see here is the portrait of the great actor and Dramatist T K Shanmugam, painted by me in 1986 on the eve of his 75thy Birthday. This is shown in the beginning of the movie AVVAI SHANMUGI as a tribute by his disciple Kamal Haasan who himself a great actor, affectionately called ULAGA NAYAGAN by his fans. Incidentally, we both belong to the same native place - Nagercoil! 204002911 Chembai Sri Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar (1993) The portrait of Chembai was commissioned by a popular singer, but later I couldn't deliver it as he couldn't come to my studio for approval. The portrait had stayed back with me. Totally I have painted four portraits of eminent singers including this portrait. Violin Vidwan Sikkil Baskaran who had played violin for his many concerts had high praises for the portrait! 204005323 US President, Jimmy Carter (1978) Size: 28 X 22 inch. In fact, I wanted to send this portrait to the President as my gift on behalf of the people of Tamil Nadu in 1978. I met the officials concerned in the American Consulate with this photo. They were very impressed even with this black&white photograph. (Color photos were not in use at that time) As they were not to accept gifts to send to White House as a rule, they offered to accept the portrait to be installed in the Library. Moreover, they offered to arrange Unveiling Ceremony in which the portrait would be unveiled by the Consulate General. But, I was not interested at that proposal. Because, after the term as the President of US, the portrait will be removed from the wall. This is one of the best portraits by me. 197929302 MAYOR M Radhakrishna Pillai (1989) Size: 30 x 24 inch. As mayor, he brought about a number of reforms.He is the father of Sri. M Gopalakrishnan, Ex Chairman, Indian Bank. Radhakrishnan Stadium ( named after him) in chennai is very famous. 197932641 Governor in my studio (2006) Honored by Governor"s visit. unforgettable moment and a great day in my life. 197045955 Governor appreciates Pope Paul VI H.E. recalled his meeting with the Pope in Vatican Palace during a tour of Europe. Governor visited my studio in 2006. 142833857 Governor praises the portrait of M.S While viewing this portrait H.E. recalled some events related with M.S. 142833858 Sri.M.Ct.M.Chidambaram Chetyar (2005) Founder, Indian Overseas Bank, Size: 30X24 inch. This is the second portrait of the founder, done by me. Earlier, I did a portrait for IOB Head Quarters in 1987. My friend A Ramachandran, son of renowned Tamil writer Alagirisami, working in IOB Adyar at that time, took interest in my work and introduced me to the Bank Head Office. 197291631 Mrs. Ambrose IAS (2002) This portrait was commissioned by Sri Ambrose IAS in 2002. Mr Ambrose had served as the collector of many districts in Tamil Nadu including Kanyakumari District. Size: 30 X 24 inch 197183740 A Military Officer (2004) It is always a great pleasure for me to paint portraits of Military Officers like this. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this portrait. 198306043 A Gentleman (2000) This portrait depicts a typical personality from Andhra Pradesh. I enjoyed painting the mustache. 198305815 Portrait of Children (2014) This portrait was done in 2014. Size: 30X24 inch. Client: Dr. Shiela Subramanian from U.S. I'm grateful for this client for her patient waiting with great understanding when I was not well. Client"s remark: Photo is very nice.I am so happy that I will be able to see the original painting soon and display it proudly in our home. Even though it took two years and many health hurdles on your part, I am truly grateful for your efforts from start to finish. They paid off. You should be very proud of your skill. 197057094 Thiruchendur Temple (1988) Size:30" X 40" 180778137 Dancer (1998) This painting was created from the cover picture of a leading Tamil magazine. 193842766 Girl reading a letter (1990) Artist: Vermeer- Replica by M. Prasanna Kumar.It is a great joy to paint replicas of great masters. While painting such pictures I learn something more. 142833862 Still-Life - Fruits (2001) This painting is missing. If any one knows about the where about of the painting, kindly inform to me. I want the painting returned to me or, paid. 142833872 Compulsory Education (1995) Size: 30" x 24" A replica from painting by a British artist, Briton Riviere R.A. Sold to a Malaysian Client. 180251775 Guitar Player (2000) Original: Vermeer- Replica: M.Prasanna Kumar 187329587 Damayanthi (1998) Replica from Original by Raja Ravi Varma Size: 36 X 24 inch 197058242